With its atomizer, this unique and audacious seasoning, will burst the natural taste of foods of all types. Pepperron will inspire you to solicit umami—that fifth taste discovered in the West in the 1980s,—adding a distinctive savory experience to the traditional palette of sweet, sour, salty and bitter.

Pepperron wil allow you to add an enchantingly, flavorful dimension to your meals, whether you are serving pasta, meat, fish, vegetables or salad. With its extra touch of pepper and chili, the Pepperron Extra will also please you on pizzas and exotic dishes. A memorable tasting experience that is sure to enrapture all. Pepperron Original Extra is made of vinegar, natural extracts of chili, ginger, cloves and pepper. Spray on the food at a maximum distance of 2 inches. This elegant 100ml glas bottle will allow you to enhance, on table or in the kitchen, the taste of about 200 meals.

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