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Belgian products

Discover all our range of products related to belgian fries and especially our belgian sauces (sauce La William, sauce Anda, sauce Devos Lemmens) & also do not miss our belgian beers, belgian chocolates, belgian cheeses,…

Belgian beers

May they be blonde, brown, amber, abbey or trappist the belgian beers contribute to the renown of Belgium worldwide. Do youwish to discover or rediscover belgian beers ? Beginner or connoisseur you will certainly appreciate the wide choice proposed here : Jupiler,Maes, Chimay, Orval, Leffe, Blanche de Hoegaarden,Liefmans,… Do not hesitate& start discovering our belgian beers : trappistes beers, craft beers, abbey beers, special beers…

Belgian chocolates

Do you like chocolate ? Come & taste some of the finest belgian chocolates ! Belgian chocolate is internationally reputed for its quality its taste &its originality. May it be dark, milk or white belgian chocolate comes in every shape & colour. We propose you to (re)discover here the range of three great names of the belgian chocolate world : Côte d’Or, Jacques &Galler. Enjoy these three brands & their numerous flavours : hazelnut, praline, dark-fondant, milk, white & many other out of the ordinary flavours. Indulge yourself !

Belgian fries

The belgian fries are a part of the culinary & cultural heritage of the belgians. Their love for this dietunfriendly but oh so tasty course is absolutely unlimited. Discover all our belgian fries related products : bags, sauces (sauce La William, sauce Devos Lemmens, sauce Bister,…), deep-fryers, deepfrying fats &oils.

Belgian sauces

Sauces are part of the belgian culture so make the most of them ! Do you feellike (re)discovering a belgian sauce ? A festival of flavours all waiting to be served with your belgian fries. Enjoy your fries with one of our sauces ! We propose you here a large variety of belgian sauces : sauce La William, sauce Devos Lemmens, sauce Bister, sauce Anda, sauce Vandemoortele Vleminckx… Mayonnaise, ketchup, andalouse, cocktail, pickles, curry sauces, etc… There is something for everyone !

Sauce La William

The La William sauces company was born in 1963. This typical belgian family business was the first to commercialize the sauce Andalouse & the sauce Brasil. Only fresh & natural ingredients are used during the making of these sauces insuring the taste & the quality of the brand’s products.

Sauce Devos Lemmens

The Devos Lemmens company exists since 1886. The taste & the variety of their products is their trademark. You will surely find your favorite Devos Lemmens sauce among our selection : andalouse, mayonnaise, mustard of Dijon, aïoli, béarnaise, etc…

Sauce Bister

The Bister company has been producing mustard& condiments since 1926. The Bister mustard is prepared following a carefully protected recipe called l’Impériale. Also here for you to discover: thesauceBisterandalouse, piccalilli, béarnaise, cocktail…

Sauce Anda

The Anda company started its activities at the verge of the 1980’s. It is recognized for its delicious sauces made respectfully to the tradition using only fresh ingredients & vegetables as well as natural raw materials. Enjoy our Anda sauces : hamburger, andalouse, americaine chef, brazil,…

Sauce Vandemoortele Vleminckx

Vandemoortele Vleminckx demonstrates a constant will of creating new products and improving its existing recipes. Discover the Vandemoortele Vleminckx sauces among our selection of belgian sauces.