• Saint-Nicolas
  • Speculoos
    Discover our belgian speculoos ! The speculoos is a cinnamon flavoured biscuit that originally & according to the tradition used to be baked in the shape of Saint Nicholas and was offered as a gift during the festive season. Today together with milk & sugar it is served all year round alongside cups of coffee in restaurants & brasseries.
  • Waffles & Butter biscuits
    Discover our belgian waffles & our belgian butter biscuits. Give in to temptation and fall for the sweetness of the Liège waffles & the Brussels waffles or if you prefer to the crunchiness of a belgian butter biscuit...
  • Biscuits

    Discover our selection of belgian biscuits : Lu/ Côte d'Or/ Jules Destrooper/ Delacre. In our assortment you will find chocolate/ coffee/ sugar/ butter or even cheese biscuits. There's something for everyone !

  • Cakes & Madeleines
    Discover our belgian cakes & madeleines. Lotus offers a wide range of cakes & madeleines : milk/ with chocolate chips/ with raspberry filling/ apples/ the traditional pound cake, etc...
  • Frangipanes

    Discover our belgian frangipanes. Often linked to the twelfth night cake frangipane is nevertheless enjoyed all year long and most especially when found in the tender heart of these little tasty & deliciously iced almond flavoured cakes.

  • Gingerbreads
    Discover our gingerbreads. This honey & spices cake known under the name of gingerbread matches extremely well with ice cream and other dairy products but can also perfectly be enjoyed plain, slice after slice...
  • Spreads
    Discover our range of spreads. Choco/ honey/ sirop de Liège/ jams/ jellies/ speculoos spread & caramels : a great choice of spreads to enjoy on a slice of bread or even better on a pancake !
  • Friandises
  • Other treats
    Enjoy all our other Lotus & Jules Destrooper treats : Lotus marzipan/ Lotus marshmallow/ the Jules Destrooper's almond florentines and many more... If you are unable to choose among all these belgian treats you can always go for an assortment box : 28 moments Lotus/ Pleasure moments Lotus/ Jules Destrooper assortment...

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Belgium is a land dear to the heart of many delicacies lovers. Discover our selection of speculoos/waffles & butter biscuits/cakes & madeleines/frangipanes/gingerbreads, etc...