1. Shipping costs

www.shopbelgium.net has determined several geographical zones and the shipping costs therefore vary in function of the country towards which the shipping is done and to which geographical zone this country belongs. For a shipping within the belgian territory 6,50 euros will be charged.

2. General rules

The goods will be delivered at the adress stipulated in writing by the buyer on the order form (in Belgium as well as abroad). The invoice will be sent to the email adress stipulated in writing by the buyer when he filled in the registration form necessary to open an account on www.shopbelgium.net

In case of non-compliance of the buyer to the procedure statement detailed here after no complaint whatsoever of the buyer will be accepted.

The average delay of delivery of the goods is 4 to 5 business days (saturdays, sundays & public holidays not included) : with effect from the moment the payment has actually been received the order processing takes two business days according to the availability of the required products to which should be added a shipping delay of two to three days (under reserve of any shipping problems).

Particular cases

- During the festive season an additional delay of two days is to be foreseen.

- In case of absence of the addressee the transporter will leave a passing note at the stipulated delivery adress.

- Concerning perishable goods in no case whatsoever will www.shopbelgium.net be held responsible for any kind of deterioration of these goods due to a late receipt of the goods.

- When passing his order the buyer will transmit under his full and sole responsibility the following information : Email adress/Name & first name/ Adress (name of the street & full numbers of residence and-or eventually building)/ Town & postal (zip) code/ Phone number.

- If when transmitted the wording of these informations contains mistakes www.shopbelgium.net could in any case not be held responsible for the impossibility of delivering the order to the addressee.

In this case as in the case in which the buyer would cancel his order after it has already been dispatched the delivery costs will not be refunded to the buyer.

- The invoice will be sent by email to the buyer as soon as his parcel will have been dispatched to him.

- The data recorded by the www.shopbelgium.net computer system will stand as proof of the entirety of the transactions that took place between www.shopbelgium.net and its clients.

3. Delivery zone

The delivery zone includes Belgium/ The E.U. countries/ Non E.U. countries.

- For the E.U. countries your purchases via our website will be payed in Euros and this VAT included. No customs duties will be charged.

- Regarding non E.U. countries your purchases via our website will be payed in Euros and this net of VAT. Customs duties may be charged.


The choice of the transporter will be made by www.shopbelgium.net during the order processing. 

In the event of a delay in delivery no damages or compensations will be payed back by www.shopbelgium.net. www.shopbelgium.net is relieved of its duty to deliver in case of circumstances beyond its control such as war/riots/fire/strikes/accidents/natural disasters & impossibility of supply.

It is understood that the goods always travel at the addressee's own risks. www.shopbelgium.net asks you to imperatively check your parcel as soon as it is delivered. If the client is repeatedly absent when his parcel is being delivered this leading to a return of the parcel to www.shopbelgium.net it is understood that the carriage costs as well as any other supplementary costs will be supported by the client.

In no case whatsoever will wwww.shopbelgium.net be held responsible for any kind of deterioration of the goods if the buyer claimed them too late or did not claim them at all.

If when the buyer received the parcel he notices that some goods ordered are missing or damaged or if he has any kind of doubt concerning the condition or the content of the parcel it is understood that he shall refuse it and give the delivery person a written report of the facts and will immediately inform www.shopbelgium.net of what happened via the "contact us" section of the website.


4. Preparation of your parcel


Your order will be packaged with great care. The packages we use are very strong and efficient and are a guarantee that you will receive the goods you ordered without any damage whatsoever.


5. Receipt of your parcel


If ever when delivered the parcel is damaged : open it but imperatively in presence of the postman or the delivery man. You will then check its content and make an inventory of the eventual damages and then you will send a registrated letter within 72 hours counting from the time of delivery to the transporter, letter in which you will express your reservations concerning what you received.


If you find out that the goods you ordered are damaged : refuse the parcel.

In presence of the delivery man write down your reservations on the delivery note and mention the quantity and the references of the missing or damaged goods.

Write down on the delivery note "refused because damaged"

Any product acknowledged as defective and sent back to us will be exchanged.

The resrvations you will have sent to the transporter will allow us to proceed to an exchange or a refund in the shortest amount of time as possible.

The delivery is considered done from the moment the ordered goods are handed to the transporter.

The goods travel at the buyer's own risks (even when the order is addressed to another person than the buyer). The risks of loss or damage of the goods being transferred to the buyer from the moment they are given to the transporter.