The Shopbelgium website was created by Ludovic Dormal in 2012.


Managed from Mohiville, Belgium the Shopbelgium website displays for online sale a wide variety of typically Belgian foodstuffs such as numerous beers (Trappists, abbeys, pils, etc...), chocolates (Galler, Côte d'Or, Jacques), delicacies (Speculoos, waffles,etc…), cheeses (Herve, Chimay,…),  liquors (Gervin, Biercée,…) & Belgian wines.


Besides Belgium's most famous brands Shopbelgium is very keen on promoting as many as possible exclusive Belgian artisanal products. We commit ourselves on offering products of quality manufactured by small craftsmen & Belgian SME's impassioned and concerned about the respect of our environment.


Our desire is to give our expatriate fellow citizens as well as anyone else around the world the chance to enjoy or even better to discover the incredible range of delights that Belgium has to offer. 

One speaks about us in the press :