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    Discover & enjoy our belgian sauces aka the belgian fries best friends : sauce La William/ sauce Devos Lemmens/ sauce Anda/ sauce Bister...

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Belgian fries

In matter of food the belgian frie is the unifying element par excellence between all the belgians for whom it is a part of their culinary & cultural heritage. Their love for this diet unfriendly but oh so tasty course is absolutely unlimited. On the web the testimonies of belgian expatriates living all around the world telling about how cruelly they miss their belgian fries are countless.It appears that the belgians seem to be the only ones to really master the recipe of the mistakenly called "french fries"...Yes didn't you know ? Their true birthplace is in fact Belgium and this is why we prefer calling them...Belgian fries ! You will discover here everything necessary to enjoy real belgian fries including the best of the belgian sauces : sauce La William/sauce Devos Lemmens/sauce Bister/sauce Anda/sauce Vandemoortele Vleminckx...

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