Belgian fries

Fri Fri aluminium deep fryer 4,5 l

With the Fri Fri aluminium deep fryer : belgian fries for the whole family !

Thanks to its aluminium coating the deep fryer will not be stained with finger marks.

It can contain 4,5 liters of oil with which up to 1,5 kg of belgian fries can be prepared at a time and has a wattage of 3200.

The fat under the heating element is not instantely warmed up and therefore remains cooler and the crumbs go down in the bottom and stay in this cold area allowing the oil to keep its purity which is better for the health.

This deep fryer has a removable bowl that allows an easy maintenance and cleaning of the device as well as a carefree filtering of the oil to get rid of the cooking residues.

To be noted that the Fri Fri aluminium deep fryer can be washed in the dishwasher.

  • Capacité 1.5 kg
  • EAN13: 8945127325891

98,35 €

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